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Why should I use your agency instead of using a clinic directly?

  1. Fetility clinics provide medical services only when we provide full servicee to our clients. We have our own database of egg donors and surrogates, match intended parents with best candidates for their programs, provide legal services and support, coordinate the process and always available if you have any questions.
  2. The clinics do not offer surrogate mother match and if they do they have very poor database and usually surrogate match is very expensive (around $3,000). IVF centers will not coordinate your surrogacy process.
  3. Fertility centers have no right to show you egg donors photos, they can provide a short description only. Technically, you can't choose an egg donor at the clinic, the doctor will match you with a candidate from their database. This means that you will not know who they are matching you with and how your future baby will look like.
  4. We can offer you pictures, full profiles of egg donors and surrogate mothers, answer your questions about candidates you are interested in, arrange a meeting with the surrogate mother and we provide 100% guarantee that the egg donor chosen by you will be the same used in your program.
  5. We coordinate and care for your whole process, guarantee that your surrogate mother won't smoke or use alcohol during pregnancy
  6. Infertility treatment in Ukraine is developing; therefore there are not many egg donors and surrogate mothers available but we have our own database that grows every month. We have very good conditions for our donors or surrogates that's why they prefer to work with us. Our agency tries to satisfy both our clients and our candidates, we believe good relations is key for successful process.

How can I know what clinic to use to achieve a positive result in my case?

  1. This is our job - we are here to help you in your situation and choose the clinic and doctor that can help in your particular case. We work with the best clinics and experienced doctors in Kiev.
  2. We had meetings in all fertility clinics in Kiev, carefully investigated the situation in Ukraine and we know how to minimize your risks, make sure that you spend less time, nerves and money to achieve your goal.

Why Ukraine?

  1. First of all, it’s the price. Egg donation and surrogacy programs are among the cheapest in the world while our egg donors are the most beautiful in the world. We have own extensive database with healthy and proven candidates. IVF will cost you $6,000-7,000 with our services, IVF + egg donation will cost you $8,000-9,000, surrogacy $33,000-$40,000 total.
  2. There are only Caucasian egg donors in Ukraine.
  3. Ukraine is a European country, our partner clinics have modern equipment and offer best customer service for our clients.
  4. Ukraine is a safe and beautiful country. Kiev is beautiful, with ancient history, wonderful churches and cathedrals, monuments, museums and cheap restaurants. Your journey will be a vacation to you, you will enjoy delicious (and cheap!) food, sightseeing, old streets in the downtown and cheerful Ukrainian atmosphere!

Why New Hope?

Imagine that you buy a car. You will not buy it with your eyes closed. You will do a research, compare the models and choose one that fits you most – the car should be reliable, at reasonable price, good, safe and secure. Covering all that, you need to understand that from the people who are responsible for your case depend many, if not all.
  1. We are experienced and hardly you will find more experienced agency in Kiev than ours. We work with the US families since 1999, completed more than 1,100 successful adoptions, have extensive experience in legal field, care for our clients more than others while offering affordable and reasonable fee policy.
  2. Unlike adoptive families, 70-80% of intended parents will not share their experience, this process is very personal and delicate. We understand that and keep all information confidential if the family doesn't want to share. Instead we are offering real contacts of our American adoptive families or intended parents who agree to share their experience. Then you can make sure that you are in good hands as we value our reputation – references available upon request.
  3. Our main principles are honesty and reliability, our fees are transparent and reasonable. Our experienced staff of administrative and legal professionals has helped hundreds fulfill their dreams of having a child. We work with children since 1999, have helped find homes in the USA for hundreds of orphans, have helped families grow. You can easily check it by sending a request to our former clients.
  4. Send a request to the US Embassy in Kiev and make sure that our clients didn’t have complaints about our services, you can ask about Oleg Marynenko and his team. The Embassy adoption and surrogacy unit email is available upon request.
  5. We keep all information confidential.

Questions & Answers

Surrogate Mother Match Please read

NOTE IVF clinics do not provide surrogate mother match and surrogacy services, they provide only medical services. Surrogacy agency coordinates your process, prepares all legal forms, agreements and surrogacy contracts, controls the surrogate, suprevises your surrogacy process. You can choose an egg donor and a surrogate mother in our agency and we can also arrange a meeting between the candidates if you wish. We always try to provide the best services to our clients.

A few tips about surrogate

The database is ours but the candidates aren’t our «property» and they go to different clinics and agencies, this is their right. In any case if the surrogate filled out the file it doesn’t mean she will be approved. From 10-15 candidates only 1 passes all the screening. The tests are valid for 1 or 3 months (depends on the tests) and it doesn’t mean that the surrogate will be approved again with old tests if she was tested a year ago for example. Before every IVF we screen them again and we may have surprises so not even all our recommended surrogates will pass the next screening. It doesn’t mean they are bad people, the thing that the screening is very detailed and the surrogate must be completely healthy, that’s why it’s very hard to find a completely healthy person.

Anyway we will send you the recommendations, we’ll search for «cheaper» options but the prices that were a year ago absolutely not valid this year, it’s very hard to find a good surrogate for 12,000 USD close to Kiev. I forgot to mention that we prefer Kiev region or close to Kiev more because the surrogate must be here every week during the first trimester and it’s hard to travel from remote towns. Surrogates from Kiev region or close to Kiev are more expensive of course but there is less risk to a baby.

Is commercial surrogacy legal in Ukraine?

Yes, commercial surrogacy is officially legal and regulated by the Article 123, Part 2 of the Family Code of Ukraine which says:

"In case of embryo implantation to another woman, the spouses shall be the parents of the child if the embryo was conceived by them."

What types of surrogacy are legal in Ukraine?

Only Gestational surrogacy is allowed in Ukraine, traditional surrogacy is illegal.

  • Gestational surrogacy, which involves in vitro fertilization, is the reproductive technique in which egg is fertilized artificially and then the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother’s uterus. In this case, the child has no genetic relation to his surrogate mother. This procedure is absolutely legal in the country.
  • Traditional surrogacy involves surrogate's eggs and father's sperm which means the baby will be genetically related to the gestational carrier. This type of surrogacy is illegal.

Who can be treated with gestational surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy in Ukraine can be done for married couples only. Single men, women, heterosexual partners, same-sex marriages cannot have surrogacy process in Ukraine.

Are there any restrictions to surrogacy process in Ukraine?

Yes, there are restrictions. You need to be officially married and have fertility problems to start the process in Ukraine. The length of marriage isn't important.

Indications for surrogacy process in Ukraine are the following reasons:

  • absence of uterus (congenital or acquired)
  • deformation of the uterus making pregnancy and carrying a baby impossible
  • uterine synechiae (adhesions or scar tissue that form inside the cavity of the uterus) that cannot be treated
  • a physical illness under which pregnancy threatens a woman's life or health even if a baby may not be in danger
  • minimum 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts with obtaining the embryos of high quality.

What are the tests of a potential surrogate?

A surrogate mother screening includes the following:

1Medical Screening:
This involves testing for blood type, infectious diseases, drug use and general health.
2Genetic Screening:
Family history will be evaluated to raise awareness of possible hereditary diseases or genetic disorders.
3Psychological Screening:
The surrogate will be asked to speak with a psychologist to make sure she fully understands the benefits and risks of surrogacy process, and has proper motivations for becoming a surrogate mother.

What are the requirements for the surrogate?

At New Hope we choose surrogate mothers for our programs based on our strict criterias and demands.

Surrogate Mother Requirements at New Hope:

  • Between the ages of 20 and 30
  • Physically healthy
  • Psychologically healthy
  • Have a healthy child
  • Non-Smoker
  • No current use of drugs
  • No history of substance abuse
  • No family history of inheritable genetic disorders
  • Dependable, mature and reliable

What are the tests of a potential egg donor?

Egg donor screening includes the following:

1Fertility Screening:
A donor's ovaries will be examined for the ability to produce eggs through a physical/pelvic exam, and blood tests.
2Medical Screening:
This involves testing for blood type, infectious diseases, drug use and general health.
3Genetic Screening:
Family history will be evaluated to raise awareness of possible hereditary diseases or genetic disorders.
4Psychological Screening:
The donor will be asked to speak with a psychologist to make sure she fully understands the benefits and risks of egg donation, and has proper motivations for becoming a donor.


  • HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia
  • Full chromosome analysis (karyotype)
  • Genetic diseases
  • Fertility evaluation including hormone testing and ultrasound evaluation of the ovaries

What are the requirements for an egg donor?

A potential egg donor should be:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 30
  • Physically healthy
  • Psychologically healthy
  • Non-Smoker
  • Have regular, monthly menstrual periods
  • Have both ovaries
  • No current use of drugs
  • No history of substance abuse
  • No family history of inheritable genetic disorders
  • Dependable, mature and reliable

Is PGD test allowed?

Yes, it is fully allowed. Gender selection isn’t allowed unless you don’t have genetic diseases that you don’t want to be passed to your children (you need to provide a doctor's report in this case).

Is there a genetic link between a surrogate and a baby?

No, it's not possible for the surrogate to have a genetic link with your baby. This is a traditional surrogacy and it's illegal in Ukraine.

The baby should have a genetic link to at least one of the parents.

Who will be in the birth certificate of a baby?

Ukrainian surrogacy laws are the most favorable in the world because the surrogate mother isn't considered a mother to the baby; the Intended Parents names will be in the birth certificate. No matter if you used an egg donor or not your wife's name will be in the birth cetificate and husband's name.

What are the legal advantages of surrogacy process in Ukraine?

Ukraine has one of the best surrogacy laws in the world while it offers affordable costs for surrogacy process.

The legal advantages are the following:

  • Surrogacy procedure is allowed
  • Commercial surrogacy is legal
  • No Court Decree is required
  • No further adoption procedure required
  • Birth certificate is issued in the name of the intended parents after the child’s birth
  • You don't need to establish your parental rights, under Ukrainian laws you are the parents of the baby born by a surrogate mother
  • Gestational mother has no legal right to be considered as a legal mother of a baby delivered by her. Only intended parents are considered to be the legal parents of the child born by the gestational carrier.

Is surrogacy possible for single men or women?

Unfortunately not. Ukraine allows only heterosexual married couples to proceed with surrogacy process.

Is surrogacy possible for gay/lesbian couples or marriages?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to do surrogacy process in Ukraine for gay/lesbian marriages or couples. Ukraine recognizes heterosexual marriage only.

How ofthen do we need to travel?

Minimum one visit to Kiev is required. We try to minimize your expenses and visits to Ukraine and offer to prepare a Power of Attorney to our staff so that we could sign all agreements and contracts related to surrogacy process on your behalf. Please, note, the Power of Attorney is issued for surrogacy purposes only.

In case of egg donation you can come once in the beginning to have medical evaluation in our partner clinic. If your sperm quality is good you can freeze your sample and the doctor will use it for fertilization of donor eggs. In this case 2 days visit is enough.

In case of using own eggs, you need to come twice. First time to do all tests in the IVF clinic (1-2 days), second time for stimulation (10-12 days).

Your last visit will be before the baby is born and it can take 3-4 weeks in country. We will get the birth certificate in 5-7 days after the baby is born, prepare all the documents for the Embassy and approximately in 1 week after the baby birth you'll have an appointment at the Embassy. The US Embassy is very quick and you can expect to go back home with your child within 10-12 days after the appointment.

Do I pay for the whole program in advance?

No, you pay for the program in 5 installments. We will prepare a Contract for you and payment schedule will be indicated in our Contract.

Does a surrogate have any parental rights to my baby?

No, under our laws the surrogate doesn't have any parental rights in relation to your baby. She doesn't have any genetic link to the baby and she isn't considered as a mother even if she delivered the baby. The Intended Mother is the only legal mother of the baby even if donor eggs were used in the program.

Can a surrogate keep my baby?

No, she can't. Under our laws she isn't considered as a mother of a child, therefore she has no legal or parental rights for the baby. Also we prepare a surrogacy arrangement between the parents and surrogate and under this arrangement she confirms that she doesn't have any rights for the child. Besides she doesn't receive her compensation after the delivery until we get a legal document about her consent to indicate you as parents, certified by a Notary.

But if for any reason the surrogate becomes out of her mind and decides to keep the baby, we will apply to Court and take the baby back. It can take time of course but the good thing is that we have contacts in all Courts in Ukraine. We complete many adoptions all over Ukraine and Court Decree is always required in adoption process.

Travel to Ukraine

INFOHow and where to rent an apartment or a hotel in Kiev for the clinic appointment

Please search and rent an apartment around (Baseynaya street (ulitsa)). You may rent the apartment in 2-6 blocks from this mark or nearby. Downtown is the most popular and best place for foreigns citizens to stay in Kiev, in the city center there are many cafes, McDonalds etc. Cost of apartment is 50-90 per night, and cost of hotels 90-200 per night. There is no sense to rent apartments or hotels in other places of the city to save money because you will spend more for transportation, also cost of apartment in distant areas of Kiev is not much cheaper than in the downtown.

Preferably don't pay for your apartment beforehand, only when you come. We had a case when a family booked an apartment and it wasn't available so we had to find another one.

NOTEBefore you fly to Ukraine

Please, put down our address and telephone numbers and keep close to you. If you have problems with luggage or it is lost, or there are delays with arrival, give this address and cell phone numbers to the airport delivery service or your air company where you book tickets. Also send us a text in case your flight is delayed or cancelled. A link of our address and cell phones numbers is HERE - access clients only

Visas for Ukraine

No Visa required for stays under 90 days for the US and European citizens


How to take money to Ukraine, Cash, Credit cards and Travelers checks?


  • Read here - Official Ukrainian Customs Procedures
  • The amount of cash an individual is carrying must be declared at customs
  • Any one individual may carry up to and including 10K in cash without needing a special permit from the Ukrainian National Bank
  • This would mean any one couple could together bring in up to and including 20K in cash without needing a special permit from the Ukrainian National Bank
  • If more than 10K (i.e. 10,001 or more) is carried into Ukraine by any one individual then upon declaration of that cash at customs, customs will withhold the cash until the individual has completed, submitted and received back from the Ukrainian National Bank a special permit to bring that amount into Ukraine * Typically this means the cash will be delayed at customs for approximately 3 days. I think this info necessary not only for Ukrainian customs but for American customs too.
  • The bills should be nominals of 100 and some of 50 for us. For you - of 100, 50 and some of 20. You may bring all of 100.

Credit cards

It is possible to withdraw money from your credit cards but there is a limit per day (around $200). If you take cash (which is desirable), the banknotes should be after 1990, not shabby and torn.

You can pay with your credit card in stores, hotels, clinics and restaurants and you’ll have to use ATM to have some cash in grivnas. But mostly you'll need to have $ in cash and you can always exchange the money.

Travelers checks

Unfortunately the Travelers checks don't work in Ukraine

Ukraine is a cash country please be sure that your banknotes:

  • are new (at least 1990 year issue)
  • are not scratched
  • are not torn
  • do not have blots
  • do not have any color stamp
  • do not look old

NOTEThe bills should be nominals of 100 and some of 50 for us. For you - of 100, 50 and some of 20. You may bring all of 100.

A few tips from the families that already visited Ukraine

  • Be sure to declare your money at US customs. We didn't...and they made us count it out in the hetway in Detroit, with all boarding passengers passing by. They gave us the money back, but they searched all our bags, and made us sign a statement, stating how much money we had on us. We felt rather violated. There is no law against carrying a large sum of money, you just have to tell them if you have more than 10K per family
  • I was very nervous about carrying this much cash. After a while you almost forget it's there. Carry it under your clothes and never get money out in public. Go to a restroom. Once you're comfortable with your apartment or hotel, you can leave it there. Never tell someone you have cash. Even people that know you're surrogacy trip, don't know you have cash on you. For all they know you could've paid your fee in advance. Personally, I hid it where an intruder wouldn't look, or even get lucky. For example, don't hide your money in your laptop bag. They steal your laptop...they get you money too. Put it in a regular plastic bag, and store it with your groceries or so
  • We each had a waist security pouch and a neck belt so that if anything ever should happen, it would not be a "winner take all" situation. So we had 4 hiding spaces on our bodies. We never left it anywhere (in the apartments or rooms) when we went out
  • We used the VIP service and no one even looked twice at us. The VIP guy helped us fill out our customs slips/declaration and went through the line with us. At the time, the limit in US cash was $10,000 per person. We had mostly $100's and $50's and a few $20's
  • Be sure to get clarification on what is and what is not included in your fee, and also how much the fee will be. Just re-state your understanding to Oleg or Julia, or to your translator before you leave. This will make sure there are no misunderstandings.

Where will I need cash?

  • Surrogate mother compensation after the surrogacy process is finalized.
  • Agency fees (last part), after the surrogacy process is finalized.
  • Maternity hospital fee.
  • Children's documents legalization (if needed) (from 300$ to 500$ per child)
  • US Embassy requires cash but we had cases when a family spent all their cash money at the end of the process and the Embassy accepted the credit card.

Useful Advice and Links

IMPORTANTThe US Embassy in Kiev, Address, Requirements

  • U.S. Embassy Kiev, Ukraine - Website
  • Address: 4 Igor Sikorsky Street, Kyiv, Ukraine 04112
  • Consular Section: Consul General: 38-044-521-5460
  • Surrogacy section Phone/FAX: - will visible to clients only
  • Surrogacy section email: - will visible to clients only
  • Please, visit the US Embassy surrogacy page regarding your future surrogacy appointment there for your better understanding - - will visible to clients only
  • WORKING HOURS: US Embassy in Kyiv is open for American Citizens Services Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 11:30 am and from 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm. Appointments required for surrogacy processing.
  • The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv is closed to the public for visa business on weekends, the last Friday of the month, as well as American and Ukrainian holidays

WARNINGWhen you end of the surrogacy process please call to the US Embassy in Kiev in 3-5 days before the birth certificate come, for making appointment!

NOTEIf one parent or both parent will come back to America after birth call or emailed to US Embassy too, for filling all the necessary forms up, pls keep in mind this tip.

How to get vital records, birth, marriage, certificates in US for your documents

You can use Vitalcheck for ordering all our stuff. You can get your vital records (birth, marriage, death,or divorce) from any state through them. They're FAST and they send you a certified, notarized "original" that's ready to be apostilled.

VIP service at the airport Borispol Kiev

If you want fast passage of customs at the airport (Boryspol, Kiev), you can use the service a meeting of the very important person (VIP) Rowland Enterprises, Lonnie Rowland emails: / / Phone - (615) 5669085


We used the VIP service and no one even looked twice at us. The VIP guy helped us fill out our customs slips/declaration and went through the line with us. At the time, the limit in US cash was $10,000 per person. We had mostly $100's and $50's and a few $20's

NOTESending your paperwork via FedEx

Please do not indicate full value/cost for the package

Please, state low value of your package up to $150 (or free) without having to pay additional import duty. In case you stated full value of the package (or higher than it's allowed by Ukrainian law), we will not be able to pick your package.

Ukraine Resource Links

Average Programs Costs


  • Address: 17 Holosiivska St, Business Center Morion, Kiev 03039, Ukraine
    NOTEAll meetings by appointment only.
  • Phone: +380 44 545 58 24 | Kyiv time GMT +2 (UTC +2)
  • Skype: Viber: WhatsApp: Available upon request
  • Email: Info -
  • Our office is open every Monday through Friday
  • Ukraine current time:
New Hope - Nova Espero is not a medical facility. We provide only legal services and support throughout your process. Our job is to provide you with a matching surrogate mother and /or egg donor, control her, prepare legal paperwork in compliance with the Ukrainian laws and make everything smooth. We value our reputation and our main task is to protect your interests and represent you on the territory of Ukraine.

Contact us

NOTEOnly heterosexual married couples with medical indications for surrogacy are allowed to proceed. IPs must be free from HIV, Hepatitis B and C, syphilis and other diseases. Single men/women, same sex marriages please email us, we have partners in other countries that can take your case.

  • Absence of uterus (congenital or acquired)
  • Deformation of the cavity or neck of uterus in congenital malformations or as a result of diseases, under which carrying of a pregnancy is impossible
  • Synechia of the uterus that cannot be treated
  • A (severe) physical illness under which pregnancy threatens your life or health even if the child may not be in danger
  • Unsuccessful attempts of assisted reproductive technologies (4 or more).

NOTE Your doctor should indicate one of these reasons in the medical letter so that you will be able to proceed in Ukraine (otherwise the clinic won't accept you to the program). Please, contact us for more information if you have any questions regarding this report.

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