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Hi, we adopted 2 girls ages 5 and 9 in 2007. The younger has health issues. I knew the girls from previous business trips to Ukraine and and first tried to get the younger medical help. The adoption process was difficult due to legal issues. There were many things I didn't understand about the adoption process and maybe a few I didn't agree with in part due to my lack of understanding in spite of being very experienced in UA. However, I can say very seriously that the adoption would have been delayed for a long period of time or been deemed impossible if it weren't for the experience of Oleg. I am sure other facilitators might have failed. Again, thx Oleg. Suggestions to make your trip easier. Ask drivers to drive safely. Tip taxi drivers to drive within the speed limits. They don't get paid much and make money by driving as many miles as they can. Discuss accommodations. If there are problems, try and discuss things directly with Oleg. If things aren't going well, give yourself some time out to relax and think things over. Time has different meaning in Ukraine than in the US. Budget for the unexpected. I am very thankful to have our girls. Thx Oleg.

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New Hope is not a medical facility. We provide only legal services and support throughout your process. Our job is to provide you with a matching surrogate mother and /or egg donor, control her, prepare legal paperwork in compliance with the Ukrainian laws and make everything smooth. We value our reputation and our main task is to protect your interests and represent you on the territory of Ukraine.

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NOTEOnly heterosexual married couples with medical indications for surrogacy are allowed to proceed. Single men/women, same sex marriages are not allowed. IPs must be free from HIV, Hepatitis B and C, syphilis and other diseases.

  • Absence of uterus (congenital or acquired)
  • Deformation of the cavity or neck of uterus in congenital malformations or as a result of diseases, under which carrying of a pregnancy is impossible
  • Synechia of the uterus that cannot be treated
  • A (severe) physical illness under which pregnancy threatens your life or health even if the child may not be in danger
  • Unsuccessful attempts of assisted reproductive technologies (4 or more).

NOTE Your doctor should indicate one of these reasons in the medical letter so that you will be able to proceed in Ukraine (otherwise the clinic won't accept you to the program). Please, contact us for more information if you have any questions regarding this report.

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